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Queen Anne’s County

Fall in Love with the Tranquil Landscapes and Beautiful Shores of Queen Anne’s County

Located just over an hour outside of Washington D.C., you would never know a place so charming could be so close to the clamor and rush of big city life. Queen Anne’s County is the perfect place the settle down in your forever home. Enjoy the breathtaking sunsets, walks along the Chesapeake Bay, and small-town communities that populate this area.

The county, which was established in the early 1700s, is known for its long history of settlement, agriculture, and industry. Discover the beautiful old towns dotted with historic churches and houses that help enhance the natural character of this region. Explore local landmarks and witness the rich beginnings of the area that are rooted in farming. Although tobacco was originally planted here, mills were later built which revolutionized the industry. The Wye Grist Mill was constructed in 1682 and continues to work today making it the oldest water-powered mill in the United States.

If you are looking for a quiet place to retire or raise a family, or even if you are only stopping by, Queen Anne’s County offers plenty of activities to keep everyone busy. Become a part of a community that is tight-knit and welcoming!

Historic Downtown

Queen Anne’s County was established in 1706 and was named after Queen Anne who ruled Great Britain and Ireland from 1702 to 1714. It is populated by small towns that welcome tourists and shoppers, as well as those interested in visiting lovely restored historic sites. The downtown areas of Queen Anne’s County paint the picture of this region through their small town gatherings and commitment to creating a sense of community. Each town hosts their own festivals and events almost every weekend, so there is always something to do.

The area is known for its locally-owned boutiques and finely curated consignment shops that line the streets of each downtown. Take a stroll and discover local hidden gems around every corner. If you’re looking for something a bit more mainstream, this county boasts one of the area’s finest outdoor malls complete with name brand and luxury merchandise stops.

If you love old-world character, explore the area’s Victorian-style architecture, restored historical landmarks, and old railroads that once brought all of these towns together. Queen Anne’s County has proven to be the perfect combination, being both rich in history and lively with culture and spirit today. Get a feel for the area by visiting the local historical sites, art exhibitions, and specialty shops that dot the main streets of each city’s unique downtown area.

Fresh & Fine Dining

Whether you are in search of a simple and quick meal or something fancier for a more refined palette, Queen Anne’s County offers plenty of options for whatever you are craving.

This area has a variety of locally owned spots that offer delectable meals and delicious treats. Explore locally-owned and operated pizza parlors, classic creameries, and seafood shacks. There are also plenty of bars and establishments that are open late if you are looking to enjoy an entertaining night out with friends. Queen Anne’s County also offers plenty of chain and fast food options if you are looking for something quick to grab on the go.

Celebrating a special occasion? Be sure to explore all of the fine dining options in the area. Treat yourself to delicious surf and turf meal or explore local wineries while discovering the Chesapeake Wine Trail.

Exploring the Outdoors

No matter if you are the type of person who enjoys a quiet stroll along the water or someone who lives for thrilling adventures, Queen Anne’s County offers some of the best sights and activities along the Chesapeake Bay. Enjoy a round of golf along the water or explore the Bay while on a fishing expedition. The locals are an active bunch, spending a lot of time enjoying the abundance of bike trails and walkways along the water and marinas.

If you are looking for something for the whole family to enjoy, be sure to check out the Metapeake Beach or the Tuckahoe State Park. The park offers great opportunities for camping, horseback riding, hiking, and canoeing. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring the wildlife by birdwatching or hiking along the designated trails.

Quaint & Comfortable Living

No matter what type of house you are looking for, Queen Anne’s offers plenty of beautiful homes at a variety of price points. The area’s real estate community offers a multitude of housing choices from historic houses as part of the National Register of Historic Places to luxury waterfront estates, and from water access community homes to horse farms. Of course, if you’re looking for a more active lifestyle, there are golfing communities and plenty of waterfront properties varying from deep water protected homes to broad water views, and from tranquil wildlife views to harbor view homes.

As you begin your search, keep in mind that there are ten main towns incorporated in the county: Barclay, Centreville, Church Hill, Grasonville, Queen Anne, Queenstown, Sudersville, Kent Island, and Stevensville. Centreville, the County seat, is centrally located between the major job centers of Annapolis, Baltimore, Delaware and Washington, D.C.

The county hosts several events throughout the year to bring people together and get to know their neighbors more. Be sure to check out events such as the Bay Bridge Boat Show and the big Fourth of July Celebration!

Learn to relax again in this beautiful landscape home to kind, welcoming locals and breathtaking views.

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