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Marketing Your Home

Barbara Watkins goes the extra mile to market your property, employing a comprehensive approach that includes targeted digital media campaigns, print advertising, high-end photography, custom brochures, and single property websites. Her commitment is to showcase your property in the best possible light, utilizing cutting-edge technology and strategies to reach a wide and discerning audience.

1. Digital Media Campaigns
Implementing targeted digital media campaigns to ensure your property receives prominent visibility across online platforms where potential buyers actively search.

2. Print Advertising
Strategically utilizing print advertising to complement digital efforts, creating a well-rounded marketing plan that caters to a diverse audience through traditional channels.

3. High-End Photography and Interactive Floor Plans
Professional and high-end photography is a cornerstone of Barb’s marketing strategy. These images are meticulously crafted to portray your home in its best possible light. Interactive floor plans offer an additional layer of detail, providing potential buyers with a thorough understanding of your property’s layout.

4. Custom Property Brochures
Crafting custom property brochures that serve as a tangible and memorable takeaway for potential buyers. These brochures are designed to highlight the unique features of your property and reinforce positive impressions.

5. Single Property Websites
Developing dedicated single property websites to provide a centralized online platform where potential buyers can explore your property in detail, creating an immersive and focused experience.

6. Real Estate Listing Websites
Upon submission to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), your property gains widespread exposure across virtually all major online real estate listing websites. This comprehensive approach ensures that your home is featured on platforms where potential buyers actively search for properties. Through constant updates delivered via email, text, and phone applications, your listing is instantly accessible to hundreds of thousands of active potential buyers. By utilizing the MLS and seamlessly integrating with popular online listing platforms, Barb maximizes the reach of your property, connecting it with a broad audience.,, to name a few…

Barb’s goal is to showcase your property in the best possible light, utilizing cutting-edge technology and proven strategies to reach a wide and discerning audience. Trust us to go the extra mile in ensuring that your property stands out in today’s competitive real estate market.

Interested in viewing a custom marketing plan fit just for your home? Give Barbara Watkins a call today.